Programmes & Activities

Halfway House Service Model (HSM) Framework

Phase 1: Pre-Halfway House Placement

The objective of Phase 1 is to build rapport with the resident and engage the resident in setting out goals and intervention plans. The focus shall be on addressing the needs of the resident and his family. Where relevant, the halfway house can tap on available resources in the community, e.g. Community Development Councils (CDCs) and Family Service Centres (FSCs).

 Phase 1 shall commence 1 month before the resident is due to be placed in the halfway house, during which the halfway house shall conduct 1 pre-placement interview with the resident and develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP)

Phase 2: Halfway House-Based Structured Transition

The objective of Phase 2 is to provide the resident with an intensive therapeutic experience through cognitive learning in a supportive environment, focusing on goal attainment, self-esteem, understanding of self and re-entry issues. Case management shall continue with a shift in focus towards preparing the resident for work and family reconciliation.

Phase 3: Work-Based Transition

The objective of Phase 3 is to prepare the resident’s return to independent living by assisting him in setting new goals, providing him with new skills and establishing linkages to external support networks, including his family. Case management shall continue with a focus on employment, work-related issues, financial management and strengthening of family relationships.

In Phase 3, the resident shall either be a full-time or part-time employee working for an external employer or the halfway house’s social enterprise. Only resident who are medically fit for work shall be placed in employment during Phase 3.

If the resident is assessed by the halfway house to be more suited for academic study than employment, he can be allowed to pursue full-time or part-time studies in lieu of employment. The halfway house shall discuss and evaluate possible options for financing such studies with the relevant resident.

Phase 4: Post-Halfway House Support (Aftercare)

The objective of Phase 4 is to support the resident’s return to the community after he is released from the halfway house. Case management shall continue with a focus on reinforcing targeted areas to increase the resident’s chances of successful reintegration.

Phase 4 shall commence upon completion of the first 3 Phases and shall last for duration of generally 3 months.